Wheel Alignment

Every Tony’s wheel alignment is designed to improve your car’s handling, braking and performance.

Prevent excessive tyre wear

Misaligned wheels lead to higher fuel consumption, unsafe road handling and a shorter tyre life.

Wheel Alignment

Avoid irregular tyre wear and improve your vehicle's handling at Tony's.

What incorrect wheel alignment looks like

Toe in

Toe out

Positive camber

Negative camber

Why trust Tony’s with your next wheel alignment?

Tony’s Tyre and Auto Care has a 40 year track record of making auto care easy for Kiwi motorists.

The MTA assured logo at every one of our locations is your extra guarantee of quality and fairness, and means we comply with the NZ automotive industry’s highest standards of customer service and professionalism.

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Premium genuine products

Premium genuine products

We only stock leading automotive brands that deliver on our promise to keep you moving, quickly.

Experienced mechanics

Experienced mechanics

Our highly trained mechanics and technicians are sought after in the automotive industry.

Tony’s price beat guarantee

Tony’s price beat guarantee

Find a lower cash price on tyres and we’ll beat it by $10 a tyre. Guaranteed.

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Common Wheel Alignment questions

What is a wheel alignment?

A wheel alignment adjusts your tyres based on your manufacturer specifications with the purpose of reducing tyre wear and increasing the safety of your vehicle. When we align your tyres at Tony's we use state of the art aligning equipment to give you the most precise alignment possible.  

How much does a wheel alignment cost?

The cost of a wheel alignment can vary depending on the make and model of your car and the type of tyres you have. Having a wheel alignment and wheel balancing performed is one of the best ways for you to maximize the life of your tyres. 

How do I know I need a wheel alignment?

You may need a wheel alignment service if:

  • Your steering doesn’t feel right, or is pulling to one side
  • You are rotating your tyres
  • Your tyres display notable wear
  • You customise your vehicle, and raise or lower the chassis
  • An incident occurs on the road, such as a bump or pothole, that makes you think your wheels may be misaligned
You may also want to check your wheel alignment if it has been a while since your last service.


How often should I rotate my tyres?
Most manufacturers recommend rotating your tyres every 5,000 to 8,000km, even if there is no sign of uneven wear. However, different vehicles will wear their front and back tyres at different rates. Front wheel drives wear tyres differently from rear-wheel drives, and station wagons and utes will have different wear patterns. 

If you’re not sure when to rotate your tyres, contact your nearest Tony’s Tyre & Auto Care location.
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